McLaren Inc. Company History

Company History

McLaren Inc. was founded in 1961 by Gordon McLaren in Mercer Island, WA. Stuart Smith joined as Gordon's partner in 1968 and the office moved to Bellevue, WA. In 1970, Stuart opened an office in Portland, OR and McLaren's territory expanded.

In the 1990's, the company expanded its reach again by opening offices first in Spokane, WA and then Salt Lake City, UT. Majority ownership of McLaren Inc. has transitioned over the years from our founder to his original partner Stuart to Doug Davina, Phil Kumler and most recently to Velibor Peric, the current President, always within the existing staff of employees. The company has always enjoyed financial stability and profitability. The current leadership is based on collaborative effort, involving all team members.

The markets served by McLaren Inc. include electric utilities, large electric users and power producers as well as a variety of process industries and municipal water and wastewater utilities. We also work with a variety of value-added solution providers, system integrators, and engineering consultants that support these and other industries.

McLaren Inc., from its four offices, covers the Northwest states of: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Alaska as well as Northeast Nevada and Southwest Wyoming.