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Storage Battery SystemsSBS supplies a full line of long-life, low-maintenance flooded batteries (most models in stock!), VRLA batteries and Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cad) batteries to the Telecom and Utility markets. They also provide multiple types of battery chargers, standard and seismic battery racks, spill containment systems, custom enclosures and supply a full line of high quality test equipment including: digital hydrometers, internal resistance testers, load testers, & much more! SBS is a family business which has been supplying quality products since 1915 and are ISO 9001 Certified.


  • Specializing in tubular plate lead-acid batteries
  • Nickel Cadmium: Pocket Plate, Fibre Plate & PBE
  • Microprocessor Controlled Battery Chargers
  • Standard & Seismic Racks
  • Battery Capacity Testers, Internal Resistance Testers & Hydrometers
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Hydrogen Monitors


Alaska Eastern Washington Montana Northern California Oregon Utah Western Washington

SBS Batteries
SBS batteries.

SBS Charger
Wall-mounted Charger.

SBS EquaLink Battery Management System
SBS EquaLink Battery Management System actively balances cell voltages.

SBS-2003 Hydrometer
SBS-2003 Hydrometer uploads data to SBS-6500 IR tester via Bluetooth, for a single test report.