McLaren Inc. Product Lines

Our Product Lines

Acromag, Inc.

Signal Conditioners and Network I/O: Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet and LON Works, Programmable Transmitters Isolators, Alarms, Wire Savers, EtherStax I/O and Ethernet Switches

Gulton Statham

Pressure Transmitters, Mud Density Transmitters


Annunciators, Series 90, 90A, 90B, 100, 910

Rochester Instruments

Annunciators, Series AN-3100D, AN-3200, AN-6100C, Analog Transducers, SER

Scientific Columbus

Revenue Meters, JemStar, JemStar II, Ci20, Analog Annunciators, DPMS Digital Power Transducer

Turbine Products

Flame Sensors, Thermocouples and Cable Assemblies

Arbiter Systems, Inc.

GPS Clocks, Synchronized Power Measurement Products, PMU Compatible Technology, Calibration Instruments and Test Leads

ASK Power

Copper terminal lugs, Aluminum terminal lugs, Copper splices, Aluminum splices, Pin Terminals, Ground straps

Beckwith Instruments

Electrical Systems Protection and Control: Generator, Transformer, Intertie Protection Relays, Automatic Synchronizing, High Speed Motor Bus Transfer, LTC and Capacitor Controls


Control Switches and Relays: Utility Lock-Out Relays (86), Breaker Control Switches, Remotely Operated "Hot Line" Tagging Relays, Annunciator Target Relays and Time Delayed Control Switches for Arc Flash Mitigation

High Voltage, Inc.

Power Utility Test Equipment: VLF HiPots for AC Cable Testing, Ω-Check Concentric Neutral Tester, Cable Fault Locators, AC & DC Test Sets, Aerial Lift Testers, Oil Testers and Thumper/Radar Systems

Mega Power Systems

High Quality Test Switches: Direct Replacement for FT-1 and 19" Rack-Mount Configurable Test Switches

ROHN Products

Tubular Steel Structures, Lattice Towers, LD Poles, Engineered Poles & Substation Steel


Industrial Strength Networks, Ethernet Switches, Routers, Wireless LAN Devices, NERC CIP Cyber Security Solutions

Storage Battery Systems

Stand-by Batteries and Chargers: Lead Acid & Nickel Cadmium,Standard & Seismic Racks, Spill Containment, TestEquipment and Safety Supplies

Sicame Corp.

TTD Series Overhead insulation piercing connectors, Piranha Series underground insulation piercing connectors, MTRS Series mechanical tension repair Splice, Starpole Anchoring System


Primary Injection Test Equipment – Raptor & TriRaptor, Secondary Injection Test Equipment, Electrical Measurement Equipment – PRIME 600 Dynamic Micro Ohmmeter, Transformer, Motor & Generator Test Equipment, MCB Test Equipment, GOOSEMeter One IEC-61850 Message Monitor, Testing Software, Electrical Testing Accessories

Tavrida Electric

Vacuum Reclosers: 15, 27 & 38 kV with SEL-651R Controls, MV Vacuum Breakers and Fast Bus Transfer Switches